Despite recent global reductions in child undernutrition, scalable impact remains elusive. To encourage scale-up of effective interventions, ECF partners with NGOs and universities to conduct implementation research through its RISE for Nutrition grant program. Through RISE, ECF supports innovative approaches to improving nutrition outcomes at scale. RISE projects seek to build up the nutrition evidence base and test project hypotheses in real-world implementation settings.

Our objective is to bring one tested innovation to scale in at least one East African country by 2023. All ECF RISE projects include considerations of scale during design, build on country-level priorities and systems, and involve key local actors in order to ensure buy-in and support at all stages of implementation research. ECF’s pathway to scale consists of three stages:



Highlights from ECF’s Current RISE for Nutrition Research Portfolio:  

1. Testing a Simplified Algorithm and Tools for Community-level Treatment of Acute Malnutrition in South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi and Nigeria

2. Decreasing Stunting by Reducing Maternal Depression in Uganda

3. Engaging Fathers for Effective Child Nutrition in Tanzania

4. Evaluating the Impact of Text Messages with and without Community Support Groups on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in Tanzania