The Eleanor Crook Foundation was put in place by Ambassador William H. Crook,  Eleanor Crook's late husband, shortly before his death in 1997, to honor his wife's lifetime dedication to the goals it embraces. Eleanor's long, intense commitment to Christian hunger relief provided by organizations such as Bread For The World, and her family’s leadership through their supermarket interests in developing the food banking movement, had sharpened her determination to provide the world’s most vulnerable people with food and dignity.

Ambassador Crook’s final illness, contracted in an Ethiopian feeding camp, deepened this resolve.

Eleanor remains an active leader in the global fight to end poverty, and continues to serve as President of the Eleanor Crook Foundation. The board now comprises three generations of Crooks, all of whom share Eleanor’s deeply held belief that every human being has the right to a life without hunger.

Board & Staff




Eleanor Crook, President and Treasurer

William Crook, Vice-President and Secretary

Elizabeth Crook, Vice President

Noel Moore, Vice President

Amy Crook Kowalski, Board Member

William H. Moore, Board Member


William H. Moore, Executive Director 

Marcus L. Catsam, Strategy, Quality, and Measurement Advisor

Support staff is supplied gratis by the President at no cost to the Foundation.



Why we do what we do.

Christ has taught us that from everyone who has been given much, much will be required.  We therefore feel a responsibility for the poor, and especially the hungry.  It is our desire to reflect God’s love and compassion for us by serving others in Christ’s name.